Lead Generation for the Roofing Industry

Generate advanced rooftop analysis reports. Detect rooftop size, height, and condition. Find rooftops for repair and solar panel or HVAC installation.

Turn Satellite Imagery into Actionable Data

We use powered AI/computer vision techniques to detect and extract rooftop information from satellite imagery.
Our models can process hundreds of thousands of rooftops from large areas, all that very quickly.

Rooftop Type/Material Detection

Categorize rooftops by type (flat, slanted…), material (metal…), and color.

Rooftop Condition

Rooftop conditions are classified in different categories (clean/stained/damaged…).

Rooftop Height and Information

Extract building height, age and business information automatically.

Advanced Rooftop Analysis Report

Browse interactive rooftop analysis reports. It is easy to filter, search, and inspect rooftops suitable for your needs.

Sort rooftops by size and height

Sort results by attributes rooftop size and building height.

Find damaged rooftops (heavy stains or structural damage)

Find all the damaged rooftops with a single click.

Find stained rooftops (e.g. water damage)

Quickly filter results to select water-damaged rooftops.

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Contact us to schedule a meeting and share details about your unique use case or ideas. Skysense has brought together drones, scientific imaging, and AI for the first time to revolutionize your business.

The Skysense team is excited to solve custom problems together and can take care of all the details from regulations and choice of equipment to developing fully trained deep learning algorithms with custom image annotation.

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The Skysense Advantage

Skysense is the first provider of crop diagnostics powered by deep learning AI in Japan.

Backed by industry-leading AI experience and significant venture capital investment, Skysense delivers innovative data solutions that assist in crop stress mapping, disease detection, weed management, irrigation management, and more.

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