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Comprehensive image data platform and AI development service to empower your applications with visual intelligence


What kind of AI?

Building accurate AI models for visual intelligence requires that skilled engineers collaborate closely with well supervised image annotators to correctly label large image datasets. Skysense provides the platform to manage the people and processes in one place to save time for your team, iteratively improve processes for higher accuracy, and optionally use our trained professionals to launch faster.


Lead Generation tool for the Roofing Industry

Use Skysense tools now to find rooftops susceptible to be repaired in your region or any city across the country. Our tools rely on powerful AI and computer vision technology.

We can detect all types of roof material, estimate the roof size, height and its conditions (stains, water damage, and other conditions).

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Protect Crops with Intelligence from Drone Images

Skysense helps you stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from self-flying drones.

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See what we've worked on

Explore some of the past projects we've worked on.

Roof Detection

Lead Generation for the Roofing Industry. Advanced rooftop analysis reports. Detect rooftop size, height, and condition. Find rooftops for repair and solar panel or HVAC installation.

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Roof Condition

Using power AI and computer vision techniques we can automatically detect thousands of stained and damaged rooftops over large areas of land, quickly and easily.

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Protect Crops with Intelligence from Drone Images. Skysense helps you stop plant disease and weeds before the damage is done by providing agricultural intelligence from self-flying drones.

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Grow quality CBD that extractors want. Increase CBD % with drone-based AI to avoid pollination, watch plant stress, and ensure compliant harvest timing.

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Optimize harvest scheduling and prevent common grapevine diseases such as leafroll, and identify red leaves, which could highlight disease.

Rice Farming

Reduce labor costs and optimize growth by monitoring crop biomass, quickly detect pest damage, keep track of weed conditions, and manage water irrigation.

Forest Management

Efficiently perform tree counting for sustainable logging, survey landscapes for early fire detection, and safety assessment before and after fires.


Skysense provides the tools you need to perform advanced large scale mapping and planning using drones. Apply custom AI/ML models for maintenance operations.

Solar Panels

Large scale solar panel inspection, inspect components for maintenance, defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, temporary shadowing. Faster and more accurate than handheld methods.


Automate railroad maintenance and surveying tasks using AI/ML to quickly perform large scale tasks like monitoring and counting crossties.

Why Skysense

The Skysense advantage

Tell us what problem you need to solve and we'll help you with every step of the AI development process. Whether you have data already or not, we will help you label data quickly at scale with sophisticated quality control processes to achieve higher accuracy AI models. Our platform conforms to the highest security and privacy standards too.

Fast turnaround time

Labeling data is slow, so use our professionally trained and supervised workforce of image annotators to quickly obtain enough labelled data for AI that works better.

Lower AI development cost

Simply pay for what you use with pricing that's cheaper and more transparent than agencies. Build sophisticated deep learning AI systems with a minimal team by turning the development headaches into an operational cost that you can spin up and down as easily as a cloud service.

Easy to use cloud solution

The Skysense platform is cloud-hosted solution. Easy to transparently oversee the progress of AI development and the quality of labelled data. Use our workforce or use our tools to better manage your own workforce towards the same goal.

How it works

Easily add AI to your business

Oversee the process from uploading data, labeling it, and deploying a AI model, to iterating on the labeling guidelines and iterating on the AI model itself.

Contact Us for Evaluation

We will listen to your needs and help you determine what data to collect and what approach to labeling will enable your custom AI to satisfy those needs.

Gather Data and Test

Provide us with the data you already have or contract us to collect the data you need. We will build your AI starting with small datasets to prove feasibility affordably.

Process and Iterate

Quality image annotation at scale. We iteratively improve processes together to achieve higher accuracy and make your AI ready for production.

Integrate AI your Business

We deploy your production AI for use within your business operations and make it easy to integrate with your existing applications.


All-in-one AI solution

AI for Roofing

Generate advanced rooftop analysis reports. Detect rooftop size, height, and condition. Find rooftops for repair and solar panel or HVAC installation.

AI for Mapping & Drones

Easily upload and process images from a drone flight into a smoothly stitched together orthophoto map. Create interactive maps and filters such as NDVI and VARI plant health, and surface models. Use AI models to count objects and classify them to reveal new business intelligence like tracking inventory and inspecting problems remotely. Learn More

Custom AI development

Full service solution for developing custom AI, including data collection, labeling, training, evaluation, and deploying AI models. Cloud hosted and self-hosted solutions available, specifically designed for Japan's business and regulatory environments.

Data Collection

For customers without data, we can introduce a drone piloting service, find data providers, source publicly available data online, and offer a suite of data upload and management tools integrated with our data labeling and AI model deployment tools.

Labeling Tools

Use our full service data labeling solution provided by our professionally trained and closely supervised workforce or use our self-service data labeling tools to better manage your own internal data labeling workforce. Learn More

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